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Petrol Retail Stations

In 2010, MPPE (Myanmar Petroleum Products Enterprise) started opening up to the private sector by privatizing 216 state-owned petrol stations across the country. This has paved the way for private companies, like ours, to step into the market. Since then, the market has been growing at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 18%. SBP has won the rights of 16 petrol stations from Ministry of Energy during the privatization process. Today, we have expanded to 29 petrol stations nationwide and built an extensive network of retail stations, commercial businesses, and one-stop service centers for our customers. SBP is widely recognized as one of Myanmar’s market leaders in the industry.

SBP’s retail stations are established under the brand “SBP Oil”, and have been supplying quality products and services to our customer for decades. Our vision for retail is to launch more than 70 new petrol stations across the country by 2025.

1Thaketa Petrol Filling StationThaketa, Yangon
2Insein-Phawt kan Petrol Filling StationInsein, Yangon
3Htam tapin Petrol Filling StationHtan tapin, Yangon
4Mingaladon Petrol Filling StationMingaladon, Yangon
5 Twantay Petrol Filling StationTwantay, Yangon
6Hmawbi Petrol Filling StationHmawbi, Yangon
7Letpadan Petrol Filling StationLetpadan, Bago
8Min Hla Petrol Filling StationMin Hla, Bago
9Oak pho Petrol Filling StationOak pho, Bago
10Pyay Petrol Filling StationPyay, Bago
11Paungtale Petrol Filling StationPaungdale, Bago
12Paukkaung Petrol Filling StationPaukkhaung, Bago
13Padegone Petrol Filling StationPadegone, Bago
14Padaung Petrol Filling StationPadaung, Bago
15Kyangin Petrol Filling StationKyangin, Irrawaddy
16Myanaung Petrol Filling StationMyanaung, Irrawaddy
17Ingapu Petrol Filling StationIngapu, Irrawaddy
18Zalun Petrol Filling StationZalun, Irrawaddy
19Kangyidaung Petrol Filling StationKangyidaung, Irrawaddy
20Labutta Petrol Filling StationLabutta , Irrawaddy
21Kyone Ma Ngay Petrol Filling Station
22Pakokku Petrol Filling StationPakokku, Magway
23Mandalay Petrol Filling Station Mandalay
24Ngwe Taung Petrol Filling Station
25Yin Mar Pin Petrol Filling Station
26Mongmit Petrol Filling Station
27Sagaing Petrol Filling Station